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    The New Equation in Selling

    At E=mz2  we are passionate about helping our clients drive sustainable sales results.

    We leverage interactive online sales training simulations combined with video conference coaching.

    Our revolutionary learning system, Momentium, ensures your sales force learns, retains and can apply real life sales skills.

    Our sales force training tools, including sales training games, help your team learn, role play, and practice their sales skills in a safe way.

    We customize your solution to fit your needs and your budget.

    Your solution may combine interactive game based online sales training, video conference coaching or customized classroom workshops. We help you accelerate your sales culture and build individual and organizational sales force competence.

    Of course competence leads to confidence.

    And selling is the transfer of that confidence.

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  • Online Sales Training Courses

    E=mz2’s Momentium software takes traditional online sales training courses to the next level.  In today’s fast-changing sales and technology environment, innovation is a must.  Your sales force needs to utilize all the available tools at their disposal.

    E=mz2’s pioneering approach to online sales training has attracted many organizations, including major academic institutions.  We are proud of the vital contribution our software has made to sales training courses at McMaster University, Aurora University, and Fanshawe College.


    Interactive Sales Training

  • Interactive Sales Training

    Sales professionals, enterprise level sales managers, and academics have embraced the Momentium program for many reasons.  Paramount among these motivations is their desire for online training that simulates real world interactions.  This is what truly sets us apart, and above, the competition.

    Momentium’s interactive sales training program provides an innovative solution to a daunting challenge faced by all online sales training programs: how do you capture real world interactions via a computer screen? Students of Momentium will get first-hand experience with realistic simulations that respond to their actions and offer direct feedback on their performance.

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  • Sales Performance Management

    Sales training isn’t a one off activity.  A half-day seminar or a weekend retreat isn’t likely to create lasting benefits for your sales team. Lasting results require a leader, someone who can reward positive performance and guide the sales force away from unproductive activities.

    Our Momentium sales coaches will train your team leaders not just how to be better sales professionals themselves, but also in how to inspire long-term sales success.  On-going sales performance management is essential to the success of any sales team.


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  • Sales Coaching

    Guiding students and developing leaders is essential to the success of Momentium.  That’s why our sales experts offer one on one sales coaching to help your team excel in their professional development.

    This personal touch helps learners get past road blocks in their performance and become the best sales professionals they can be.


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