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As we started using Momentium, I was at just about 20% below last year (YTD bookings). By using Momentium techniques with every single sales meeting and opportunity, I now have a booking showing 20% over last year. From less 20% to plus 20% is a 40% differential. All due to Momentium!

One-of-a-kind Interactive 
Sales Training System

Our sales training system, Momentium, offers lifelike sales call simulations that grow progressively more complex. In Momentium, users learn important sales concepts and strategies, then apply them in 120 learning modules that develop sales skills mastery.


What Momemtium Clients are Saying

The New Standard for Online Sales Training & Sales Success

Goodbye costly, forgettable, one-way sales training with no ROI

Hello affordable, ongoing, interactive sales training with measurable ROI

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Traditional Sales Training

Our Momentium Sales Training

Most content is forgotten quickly – within 30 days.

Requires scheduling, travel, and logistical headaches, which are costly and time-consuming for everyone.

It’s impossible to track or measure how effective the training was, or if you and/or your salespeople even remembered anything.

Lacks tools for sales managers to coach to what has been learned in the field.

Everything you and/or your salespeople learn is retained and put into practice consistently.

Training can take place anytime and anywhere, which removes all the hassle usually associated with sales training.

You can implement one training solution across the entire sales department, and are able to track your entire team’s performance and progress.

Success Coaching Materials for each mission for the sales managers to coach for performance and growth.

Proven Training Methods

Interactive Sales Simulations

Video Conference Coaching

Sales Success



How Momentium Helps Grow Your Sales

Video Conference Coaching to Ensure Accountability 

Video conference coaching sessions ensure that users are receiving group and personalized feedback. This also keeps them accountable and makes sure salespeople are applying what they learn in their real-world situations. 
Tools to Track Success 

Our game-based learning system tracks your team’s progress and benchmarks your team’s performance. You’ll know exactly how your sales people are improving and their potential.

Momentium is Ideal for...

B2B Sales Professionals in Any Industry
Sales Managers & Leaders with Sales Teams

B2B Sales Teams with High Turnover
Professionals with Sales Channels and/or Networks

Anyone Considering a Career in Sales

Ideal for Anyone or Any Team in B2B Sales

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“A big win… Momentium! Working on a $2 million agreement over two years, our customer, who had already made a commitment to us, back tracked and asked us to lower our price or the business would go to a competitor. Some brainstorming with the team identified ‘Consistency’ influencing skill as a possible play in the scenario. Our Account Manager made the call and masterfully put Momentium to work. After several days we were thrilled to receive the call and learn that we had been awarded the business at a premium over the competition. Our customer did, in fact, have the desire to remain ‘consistent’.”

Frans des Tombe., Managing Director, Azelis