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Tailor our simulation-based learning system to your unique needs

Wherever there’s a need for training, there’s an opportunity for a custom solution. Our team has worked with numerous organizations to develop a curriculum and create specialized learning systems. Here are just a few of our success stories.

The Client: The Ontario Women’s Directorate & Women’s College Hospital

The Situation: In addition to providing emergency health services, Emergency Room doctors and nurses are increasingly faced with obvious or suspected cases of domestic violence against women. There was no reliable training system in place to address this reality.

The Challenge: A training system was required to train ER personnel in the identification of and response to situations involving domestic violence.

The Solution: In partnership with medical, social work and case experts, E=mz2 developed a series of 17 interactive, game-based scenarios to build knowledge and skills, produced in both English and French. The bilingual website was developed and is hosted by E=mz2.

The Impact: The simulations have been accepted by the Ontario College of Physicians and the Emergency Nurses’ Association of Ontario for course credit approval. More than 10,000 medical professionals have accessed this curriculum to develop their knowledge and skills to deliver services to victims of domestic violence.

The Client: Sunnybrook-Osler Centre For Prehospital Care

The Situation: A knowledge and skill deficiency had been identified among Ontario paramedics in detecting and intervening in situations involving violence against women.

The Challenge: To develop a solution that could be deployed to all paramedics within the province and that would effectively measure increases in both knowledge and ability.

The Solution: E=mz2 worked with partners selected on the project to represent all stakeholders. A subject matter expert panel collaborated with E=mz2’s instructional designer, writers and production team to develop eight game-based scenarios with progressive levels of complexity. The team then developed customized software to host the simulations and built in detailed tracking and collaborative discussion tools.

The Impact: The project was completed on time and within budget. Pre- and post-analysis have proven that users achieved a substantial increase in both knowledge and ability on key competencies. The best part, despite the gravity of the subject matter, users love learning this way. They have given the system a 99% approval rating and over 7,000 paramedics in Ontario and BC have gained critical skills necessary to better detect and intervene in cases of domestic violence.

The Client: A Major US Automotive Maker

The Situation: A new program was being launched that provides a new revenue stream for the automotive maker and their dealers. The program requires creating change and getting buy in at the management and sales representative level.

The Challenge: Developing a solution that creates emotional buy in to the program while delivering the necessary knowledge and skills to the dealer salesforce. Creating engaging content that the salesforce sees as being relevant and impactful to their job.

The Solution: A module containing interactive learning and 2 Interactive case story based simulations distributed to over 30,000 learners throughout the US.

The Impact: Post Survey results – 92% of the salesforce reported that the program improved their job performance.

Custom Training Solutions for any Industry

Contact us for more information on the Momentium system and how it can be applied to your unique use case. We pride ourselves on our ability to create immersive and educational simulations for any situation where interpersonal training is required.