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Our Story

After many years working with sales-driven organizations to maximize results, our CEO & founder, Marguerite Zimmerman, came to the realization that companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to attract sales representatives, only to have a high percentage leave within the first 18 months. In most cases, companies do not see a return on their investment. One major consumer goods company she was consulting with had a 75% turnover rate each year with their sales force, while a document solutions company suffered from a 70% turnover rate.

It’s easy to say that sales is the lifeblood of an organization, yet the costs to maintain sales teams are sometimes so enormous that companies often find it cheaper to buy new business through acquisitions.

Unlocking Sustainable Sales Success

In order to address the high costs of maintaining sales teams, E=mz2 was formed, and we began work with a tremendous group of thought leaders in sales, learning theory, neuroscience and technology to unlock sustainable sales success for organizations.

Our research uncovered that well-trained sales forces perform better, have less turnover, and are much more effective at driving revenue.

So, along with our thought leaders, we designed cutting-edge sales training system that has been driving results for salespeople, sales teams, and business students ever since.

The E=mz2 Team

We are a team of sales consultants, education experts, scientists, and thought leaders who have designed a sales training system that actually ensures learners retain and use what they learn.

Our Core Team

Marguerite Zimmerman, Founder & CEO
Sunny Haq, Western Canada Sales Agent
Gary Zimmerman, CFO
Darlene Tolman, Customer Solutions Manager
Yohai Ararat
Yohai Ararat, Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer
Brad Ryan, Animation Artist
Matt Connell, Audio Director

Thought Leaders

Dr. Linda Bramble

Linda earned a Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo in Philosophy and Education plus a Masters in Psychology and Instructional Communications. As a faculty member of the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute at Brock University she taught programs in wine education. As an adjunct professor for the Business School, she taught Entrepreneurship & Creativity and Leadership Development. For the Niagara Institute, (Centre For The Study Of Leadership), she was the Program Director, designing and facilitating the Values programs. She presently sits on the Advisory Council for The Goodman School of Business.

Mandeep Malik, MA, BA

Besides his academic experience, Professor Malik brings extensive business expertise to his teaching role at the School of Business. Starting in India, in 1983, he worked in a variety of Marketing, Sales and Product Management positions. In 1991 he led a project to set up one of the largest Sales and Marketing Education, Training and Consulting organizations sponsored by industry. At the time he developed a complete range of training materials for the institute and consulted for organizations such as Nestle India, Maruti Suzuki Motors, Blue Dart Federal Express, HCL Hewlett Packard and JK Tires.

Robert Charles O’Brien, Master Storyteller and Writer

Bob is a recognized international concept developer whose track record in creating break away strategies includes companies such as Interwest.  He was a cofounder of an Envisioning and Storytelling Firm that developed game changing strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

Bob has extensive background in media, writing and development of ground breaking “out of the box” projects.   His systems have been successful in creating marketing and branding for many companies in Canada and the US. Bob holds degrees from the Wharton School of Business and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Bryan Pett

Bryan has extensive experience in sales and sales management, with particular focus on improving the sales process and the skills of sales professionals from numerous industries across Canada. He has held senior management positions in sales and marketing, operations, and corporate services for both private and public-sector organizations. Bryan’s unique blend of quality and process thinking combined with his B2B sales and sales management expertise ensured Momentium simulations were true to real life scenarios.

Bryan holds a MBA, Athabasca University as well as BCC, RTC, CSP, and CQIA certifications.

Partners & Coaches

Andrew Ford

Andrew is a passionate and spirited sales coach who delights in helping others succeed.

Andrew’s combined expertise in sales strategy and coaching has propelled many individuals and companies into high performers.

Andrew Ford’s sales career spans 25 years in the software and technology industry. He has a reputation for making a lasting impact on the companies and teams he works with in the Sales CoPilot practice.

Andrew has led the TechConnex Sales Peer Group programs since June 2006 as a volunteer.

Bryan Pett

Bryan has a passion for driving growth through improved sales practice. He is a Certified Sales Professional, a Board Certified Coach in Leadership & Executive Coaching with the Centre for Credentialing & Education, a Certified Quality Improvement Associate, and holds a MBA degree from Athabasca University.

Bryan has strong experience in sales and sales management and he has held senior management positions in sales and marketing, operations, and corporate services.

Jovan Vuksanovich

Jovan has dedicated his life to synthesizing knowledge of Yogic and Zen Meditation Techniques, Gestalt Therapy and Mindfulness practice with sales. The result? Unparalleled success. For example: over 14 years, Jovan contacted high net worth individuals, filling a room every 2 weeks with a minimum of 20 prospects. No one else has met or exceeded his record.

Also, for over 20 years, through his corporate team-building process (featured on TSN) called Rollingzen, Jovan has coached teams in over 100 major corporations, including IBM, UPS, Bayer, Dupont, Microsoft, Ford and Hewlett Packard.

Rollingzen Teambuilding is an innovative method designed specifically to respond to the ongoing needs of companies for developing teams within highly technical, specialized environments. This unique process, utilizing the game of billiards as a modality, initiates mindfulness practice, effective teamwork strategies, reducing stress while enhancing productivity and performance.

What is a Sales Simulator?

Much like a flight simulator, a sales simulator is a risk-free virtual environment where users are free to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment. Our solution, called Momentium, is an online learning platform that puts users in lifelike sales calls where they must open, develop, and close a deal using the skills they are being taught. Unlike other training solutions, Momentium gives learners the opportunity to put techniques into practice immediately. This develops good habits and more successful salespeople.

What is Online Sales Training?

Most sales training takes place in the form of conferences or workshops, taking the sales professional out of the field and at significant costs in travel and time. In the online training environment, salespeople can complete training at any time, from any computer. Each learning module provides personalized feedback on their performance, while allowing companies to track how their salespeople are performing throughout training.