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Are your salespeople struggling to close deals?

Momentium sales training is the answer.

“Not only was I able to land a $20K order due to employing Momentium techniques, I continued to apply Momentium and landed another (similar) order of $20K. I now integrate Momentium in every sales call and sales opportunity I make. Even my suppliers look at me in a different way!”

– Stany H., Davis Controls

Proven Results Through Perfect Practice

By combining traditional teaching techniques, an interactive sales simulator, and video conference coaching, we are able to deliver a revolutionary training experience that creates a lasting impact on your sales team’s performance.

Our training program is separated into different learning modules; each module consists of a lesson at the Coaching Academy, a lifelike Sales Simulation, a recap of key success factors in the Circle of Excellence Review, and a Video Conference Call with one of our certified coaching partners.

Coaching Academy

The Coaching Academy contains short, interactive, and focused lessons that teach your salespeople the skills and techniques they need to open, develop, and close deals. All of these lessons are directly linked to the Sales Simulation they must complete in each module.

Sales Simulation

After absorbing key concepts in the Coaching Academy, your salespeople must complete a three-stage Sales Simulation based on real-life sales calls in a variety of industries. The consistent practice they get from these simulations enables them to apply what they learn in their own sales calls.

Circle of Excellence

After successfully completing the Sales Simulation in each module, your salespeople are able to review the key factors that led to success in those sales calls. This guided reflection is crucial when it comes to creating long-term mastery.

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What our clients are saying

“The sales training component of Marguerite’s practice has benefited the development of many members of my teams, from sales associates to senior sales leaders. The sales training is delivered in an innovative format and it is applicable to all industries. She has captured the essence of the science of selling that helps set you apart from the competition.”

– Hardy Wentzel, President (HW Kelowna)

“Momentium is a great way to learn about sales and consultative selling. The online simulator tool is structured, comprehensive and has an easy-to- use interface. It challenges students to question their pre-set beliefs about the sales process and helps debunk myths.”

– Sameer Nargolkar, Marketing Associate (Microsoft)