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Products for Salespeople

OMNI5 Communication Styles Assessment

Have you ever noticed that you can bond quickly with some prospects, while others don’t seem to get along with you the same way?

Science has proven that we like people who are like us. When we have something in common with people, we are more inclined to trust them and connect with them.

Our proprietary OMNI5 Communication Styles Assessment provides you with scientifically accurate information about how you communicate with others, and how to best adapt to how your prospects and clients prefer to interact.

The entire assessment takes just 30 minutes to complete. It is an invaluable tool that provides you with everything you need to become a more effective communicator and salesperson.

OMNI5 Communication Styles Workshop

Are you worried that your sales team could be more effective when it comes to communicating with prospects, clients, and coworkers?

Our OMNI5 Communication Styles Workshop provides salespeople with an eye-opening introduction to how different types of people give and receive information. Adapting to a prospect’s communication style can make or break a sales interaction, and is crucial for any salesperson.

Sales Team Assessments

Our proven Sales Assessment Suite identifies each of your team member’s abilities, knowledge and potential to execute. Once your team has completed the assessments, top performers are benchmarked to identify specific traits that leverage success for your organization.

We also show you areas of improvement for the team as a whole, and suggest specific areas of training in order to get the most out of your salespeople.

What is a Sales Simulator?

Much like a flight simulator, a sales simulator is a risk-free virtual environment where users are free to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment. Our solution, called Momentium, is an online learning platform that puts users in lifelike sales calls where they must open, develop, and close a deal using the skills they are being taught. Unlike other training solutions, Momentium gives learners the opportunity to put techniques into practice immediately. This develops good habits and more successful salespeople.

What is Online Sales Training?

Most sales training takes place in the form of conferences or workshops, taking the sales professional out of the field and at significant costs in travel and time. In the online training environment, salespeople can complete training at any time, from any computer. Each learning module provides personalized feedback on their performance, while allowing companies to track how their salespeople are performing throughout training.