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This is what ineffective sales training looks like:

Traditional sales training is sporadic and event-based. Salespeople are sent out to training events, drink from a fire hose of new skills, and return to the office hoping to be able to apply those skills into their sales calls.

In reality, almost 90% of that content is completely forgotten within 30 days, leaving salespeople with the same bad habits and behaviors that they started out with.

Traditional Sales Training

  • Most content is forgotten quickly – within 30 days.
  • Requires scheduling, travel, and logistical headaches, which are costly and time-consuming for everyone.
  • It’s impossible to track or measure how effective the training was, or if your salespeople even remembered anything.

Effective Sales Training

  • Everything your salespeople learn is retained and put into practice consistently.
  • Training can take place anytime and anywhere, which removes all the hassle usually associated with sales training.
  • You can implement one training solution across the entire sales department, and are able to track your entire team’s performance and progress.

How is our sales training different?

The Momentium Advantage

Consistent Practice

Our sales training programs are designed to ensure concepts are applied consistently over time, which leads to good habits and better performance.

Online Learning Platform

All training is delivered online, which eliminates the need for aligning schedules, booking facilities, and paying for travel expenses.

Measurable Results

We have built extensive tracking tools into our training system to help you learn more about your salespeople and track their performance.

Programs for Salespeople

Learn, practice, and master B2B sales techniques without having to work your schedule around seminars, workshops, or conferences.

Programs for Sales Teams

Learn how we can deliver a revolutionary training experience that creates a lasting impact on your sales team’s performance.

Programs for Educators

Give your students a safe environment that will help them build real long-term skills with multi-level consistency, frequency and mastery.

What is a Sales Simulator?

Much like a flight simulator, a sales simulator is a risk-free virtual environment where users are free to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment. Our solution, called Momentium, is an online learning platform that puts users in lifelike sales calls where they must open, develop, and close a deal using the skills they are being taught. Unlike other training solutions, Momentium gives learners the opportunity to put techniques into practice immediately. This develops good habits and more successful salespeople.

What is Online Sales Training?

Most sales training takes place in the form of conferences or workshops, taking the sales professional out of the field and at significant costs in travel and time. In the online training environment, salespeople can complete training at any time, from any computer. Each learning module provides personalized feedback on their performance, while allowing companies to track how their salespeople are performing throughout training.