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Transformational Sales Learning That Perfects Key Sales Skills

Unlike workshop-based sales training, our development programs and Momentium Sales Simulator ensure that salespeople develop good habits and put them into use consistently.

Our free guide will help you diagnose the problems that your salespeople are facing, and show you what kind of training to use to move them forward.

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About Momentium

Our flagship sales training system is centered around an online simulator called Momentium, where users learn important sales concepts and strategies and then apply them in lifelike learning modules based on real-world sales calls. It has been proven to improve performance across all industries and skill levels. Momentium is even used to teach selling techniques at universities and colleges across North America.

We offer training programs for:

  • Individual salespeople looking to improve their B2B selling skills;
  • Sales leaders who require a training solution for their entire sales team;
  • Colleges & Universities who want to use leading-edge educational tools;

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

E=mz2  is a recognized training provider under the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant reimburses employers two thirds of the training costs of their employees. Grant applications must be submitted to and approved by a recognized service provider prior to the start of training. An estimated four weeks is needed for grant approval. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant can be used towards any of the training we deliver.

Increase your conversion rates through improved question asking skills.

Plan and ask questions that take the buyer through the entire buying process. Many salespeople ask many need questions at the beginning of a call and then move to advocacy for the balance of the call.

Powerful Questions

Abraham Maslow said in 1966: “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

My observations when working with sales teams is that they know they need to ask questions, yet they have rarely thought a lot about their questions. While they may use some open-ended questions, most of their questions aim at getting information about the current state of the prospect. Without realizing it they have one tool and they are treating every question like a nail.

The outcome is simply this – few of the questions are powerful.

Powerful questions increase conversion rates

Landing great questions takes some practice. Anyone in a role where influencing matters most of the time or some of the time can drastically improve their communication effectiveness through improved question asking skills. Being in the business of sales and sales development, my role over the years has required that I wear many hats. During…

What is a Sales Simulator?

Much like a flight simulator, a sales simulator is a risk-free virtual environment where users are free to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment. Our solution, called Momentium, is an online learning platform that puts users in lifelike sales calls where they must open, develop, and close a deal using the skills they are being taught. Unlike other training solutions, Momentium gives learners the opportunity to put techniques into practice immediately.

What is Online Sales Training?

Most sales training takes place in the form of conferences or workshops, taking the sales professional out of the field and at significant costs in travel and time. In the online training environment, salespeople can complete training at any time, from any computer. Each learning module provides personalized feedback on their performance, while allowing companies to track how their salespeople are performing throughout training.