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by Marguerite Zimmerman

Sales is a people-first discipline…

…and body language is one of the most important things in any sales interaction. This is because our body language will reveal many things we might not expect.

Subconsciously, you could be leveraging your assets or you could be influencing decisions being made about you without even realizing. Those assets can be problematic when you aren’t aware of what they’re up to.

Eye contact, your chin up, stance, what plane are your hands in and staring someone down when you thought you were just paying attention.

Listen to Marguerite’s interview with Elizabeth Plouffe of MCV Communications below:


About Marguerite
Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.
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sales podcast
Marguerite Zimmerman Featured on MCV Communications’ Sales Podcast