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Archive : May 2018

By Marguerite Zimmerman

The Sales Manager As Coach

How important is sales coaching to your team’s success?

Our results show that when the sales manager is actively involved in Momentium and reinforces what is learned, sales lift is increased and into the double digits

As it turns out, 74% of top performing companies say that sales coaching is the most important factor in sales enablement and readiness

And perhaps most importantly, 46% of sales representatives

By Marguerite Zimmerman

Design Thinking in Sales

Chances are when you see a current client or prospect you build trust and you get right into problem identification
Chances are you start asking questions that help you pinpoint what problems the customer has that you can solve with your product or service And you then present your product or solution when the first opportunity arises in the dialogue
Our research with thousands of Momentium users is that the

3 Ways to Avoid the Price Vortex
Design Thinking in Sales