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by Marguerite Zimmerman

Maximizing Moments That Matter – Being Prepared for Sales Calls

To ensure we can make the best use of each communication moment we have with a prospect or customer, here are a few tips to streamline “being prepared”:

  1. Identify the industries or sectors you work with most.
  1. Develop a file (electronic or a binder, your preference) where you collect key information on the industry. As you compile research, add what you learn to this file.
  1. Research to identify the trends in this industry. (Hint: You can find many sources of information for free on the web. It just requires a bit of creativity at times in the way you search. Be patient and keep trying – this is a valuable skill to gain.)
  1. Research to identify the top players in the market. Summarize information about the top players that you feel are important to have as an easy reference.
  1. Research top news stories on major players or the industry to gain further insights.
  1. Distill the information into a few key points that are helpful both in understanding the industry, knowing their specific terms, etc., and areas that could create needs or gaps that are relevant to your business.
  1. When you prepare for a specific call, add any applicable research you do on a company to the master file.
  1. Another great step is to build a pre-call planner that is robust for each industry sector. The pre-call planner might contain key questions and stories that are relevant to this industry.
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Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.
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Maximizing Moments That Matter – Being Prepared for Sales Calls