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Announcement: Sales CoPilot

by Marguerite Zimmerman

E=mz2 and Sales CoPilot have joined forces to bring E=mz2’s Momentium sales training system to individuals and Small, Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the Sales CoPilot Academy.

In Momentium, Sales CoPilot sees a complete sales training system to take individuals and entrepreneurial sales teams from basic through to advanced sales skills.

In Sales CoPilot, E=mz2 sees a coach who can support the training with a wealth of real world practical business-to-business sales experience, in 6, 12, and 24 month programs.

Now SME’s and individuals have a practical and affordable solution that makes a lasting impact on everyone’s sales results.

The Momentium and Sales CoPilot coaching combination creates the ideal environment for perfect practice:

  • A consistent set of exercises
  • Performed in a specific way
  • Repeated over time
  • Supported by an expert coach (Sales CoPilot)

Participants can now learn and practice new skills anywhere, anytime with Momentium’s interactive case based sales simulations. Sales CoPilot hosts bi-weekly video conference calls to review lessons learned.
The video based conference calls ensure everyone is not just learning the Momentium content, they are also adopting the new skills into their habits and behaviors. An extended exposure to this combination of training and coaching supports the participants achieving mastery of their new skills.
The opportunity to work over 24 months creates high sales performers that will deliver sales results for life.

About Marguerite
Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.
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