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Outpacing Your Competitors

by Marguerite Zimmerman

Incredible race comebacks capture your attention and are exhilarating to watch. And even more so, when it is your favorite team or player making a last minute unexpected “burst” to the finish line.

The competitive arena in B2B sales is changing. There is an increasing number of companies that are using “new science” to outperform their competitors from the starting line to the finish line.

These companies are outpacing their competitors. So much so that a last minute “burst” or comeback is unlikely for their competition.

A recent McKinsey article, provides some valuable insight into the revolution that B2B sales are on the brink of:

What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like.”

Most significantly, it speaks of how B2B sales is moving from an art to a science. A “new” science that is digitally driven and combines data, advanced analytics, digital tools and machine learning.

The article cites that companies that are leveraging this new science are already out ahead of their competitors. They are seeing “2.3 times industry average revenue growth” and an additional 8% higher total return to shareholders than industry average.

The competitive arena is changing and changing fast.

One aspect of the study that is perhaps not at all surprising is that a key aspect of the future of sales growth still evolves around talent. One of the three prongs that McKinsey cites as essential to fast-growth is “continually investing in finding and developing world-class talent.” They cite that fast growth companies invest significant time and resources training their sales talent.

The tools you provide enable your sales force to be more productive. Results are directly related to the strength of the talent on your team. World-class sales talent ensures you get to the finish line and make an unexpected “burst” ahead of your competitor.

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Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.
Outpacing Your Competitors