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The Sales Manager As Coach

by Marguerite Zimmerman

How important is sales coaching to your team’s success?

Our results show that when the sales manager is actively involved in Momentium and reinforces what is learned, sales lift is increased and into the double digits.

As it turns out, 74% of top performing companies say that sales coaching is the most important factor in sales enablement and readiness.

And perhaps most importantly, 46% of sales representatives indicate that coaching by their sales managers was one of the most important ways to reinforce new skills.

Training and coaching combined are proven to drive greater results.

The challenge for many sales managers today is that they are time pressured.

To help you Momentium provides tools in each mission that can help support you, the Sales Manager, in coaching your team.

The tip below is to have the team identify the authentic value to deal with price pressures.

A simple exercise that can be repeated often is to go around the room and ask each rep to contribute an example of a current customer or recent new account where a strong margin was achieved. Ask each rep to share the situation and what they believe the customer most values with your service.

First ask reps to share: What is the authentic difference the customer is willing to pay for?

Write each contribution on a flip chart and place a value on it. Continue going around the room until there are no more new ideas. Encourage reps to stretch their thinking by continuing once they feel they have exhausted their ideas.

You might ask them: What unique ways have you addressed problems or issues for your clients that required either adapting your present products/services or delivering them in a new way?

Then work with the reps to identify: How much more are our customers willing to pay for these differences?

About Marguerite
Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.