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Are Your Salespeople Asking the Right Questions?

by Marguerite Zimmerman

In modern sales calls, the conversation is driven by the questions your salespeople ask. Questions should be designed to uncover purchase criteria, preferences in the product or service, and also buyer limitations and needs. Here are three things your salespeople should be able to answer after a sales call.


What was the buyer’s need?

It’s safe to say that competent salespeople can successfully identify the need your products or services can provide a solution for. This is done using questions like…

  • Why are you looking for a new car?
  • What will you be using the new one for?
  • Will the car only be used by you?


How is our product or service different from the competition in the eyes of the buyer?

But what happens when your salesperson uncovers the customer need? Once this is discovered, it is vital for your salespeople to ask questions that help the buyer through the rest of the buying process:

  • What feature or features would you most want in a new vehicle?
  • How important is fuel efficiency for you?
  • What budget do you have in mind monthly?
  • How will you measure if this is the right car for you?


How does our solution address their concerns?

In the final stages of the sales call, your salespeople should use insightful and well-designed questions to align the benefits of your product with the needs identified by the buyer. These questions are the most difficult to train salespeople to ask, because they grow naturally out of the rest of the sales process.

Regardless of whether or not a sale is made, by the end of the call the salesperson should be able to explain how they addressed each of those issues during the sales process. If they can’t explain those three things, perhaps they weren’t asking the right questions.



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Marguerite Zimmerman is CEO of E=mz2 Inc. & Founder of Momentium. Her career has been dedicated to helping sales forces maximize their performance.
Are Your Salespeople Asking the Right Questions?